South Eastern Group





The name shall be the England Golf – South Eastern Group (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Group’).


The objects of the Group shall be:

2.1 To further the interest of amateur golf in the South Eastern Counties.

2.2 To assist and co-operate with England Golf.

2.3 To encourage and assist Counties within the Group and to enhance communications by the debate of National and Group matters.

2.4 To hold qualifying events for championships and competitions on behalf of England Golf

2.5 To arrange such meetings, competitions and matches in order to achieve the above objects.  


Membership shall be restricted to the following Counties:

Bedfordshire; Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire: Essex; Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Channel Islands; Hertfordshire; Kent; Middlesex; Norfolk; Suffolk; Surrey and Sussex.


The governing body shall be the Committee and the management of the Committee shall be vested in The Committee.

4.1 The Committee may from time to time, for any purpose, appoint Sub Committees. 


The Committee shall consist of:

One representative nominated by each Member County, the Secretary and the Treasurer who may be one and the same person.
x-officio Members will be entitled to attend Meetings but shall have no vote (see note).
In the event of a representative not being able to attend a Meeting, it shall be the duty of the County concerned to provide an alternate.

5.1 Member Counties will notify the Group Secretary of the names, addresses including e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of representatives for the following year by the last day in September.

5.2 In the event of death or resignation of a representative the Member County concerned will nominate a replacement forthwith and notify the Secretary of the relevant details.


The Officers of the Group shall be:

The President, Championship Committee Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

6.1 The Officers of the Group with the exception of the Secretary and the Treasurer shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of the Group and shall hold office until the next Annual Meeting, when they shall retire but be eligible for re-election subject to the following:

6.2.The President and Championship Committee Chairman shall not normally serve for more than four years.

6.3 Should the Group decide, an individual may hold more than one office at any one time.

6.4 In the event of death, resignation or long illness of a President or Chairman, during their term of office, the Committee shall nominate a replacement to act until the next Annual Meeting of the Committee or until recovery in the case of illness.

6.5 Any person who is either President or Secretary of their County may not hold office, concurrently, as either President or Secretary of the South East Group. This clause to take effect from the retirement date of Jim Pocknell.




Unless otherwise stated, all decisions of the Committee shall be taken upon a simple majority of representatives of Member Counties present and in the event of equality of votes, the President shall have a second or casting vote.

The officers shall advise the Committee of any interests that they may have in matters under consideration.
The Secretary and Treasurer shall have no vote.


The Annual Meeting of the Group shall take place in January or February in each year at such time and venue as the Committee may decide.

8.1 The Secretary shall give notice of at least twenty-one days of such Meeting, together with an Agenda to all members of the   Group Committee, including ex-officio Members, and to the Secretary of each Member County.

8.2  A financial statement, signed by the Reporting Accountant, shall be submitted by the Treasurer.

8.3  Member Counties wishing to put forward any proposal or nomination for Office must give notice of same by written request to the Secretary by the last day in September preceding such Meeting.

8.4  The quorum shall be six Counties.


The Secretary shall convene a special Meeting of the Group at any time if requested so to do by not less than four Members of the Committee or three Member Counties jointly – such request shall be in written form giving details of the business they wish to discuss – and the Secretary shall show such detail on the Agenda.

9.1 The quorum shall be six Counties. In the absence of a quorum the Meeting shall be dissolved and no further action taken.


The annual subscription of Member Counties shall become due on the first day of January each year and shall be determined at the Meeting preceding the Annual Meeting. Any County that has not paid their dues by 31st  March will be regarded as being in default and all individuals and teams from that County will be excluded from all competitions run by the South Eastern Group, including those run on behalf of England Golf, for that year. Exceptional circumstances will be taken into consideration prior to ratification by the South Eastern Group Committee. 


The President will preside at all Meetings. In his absence a Chairman for the Meeting will be appointed.

11.1 The President in his penultimate year in office shall nominate to the Committee a person or persons whom he considers to be a suitable candidate to serve as President of the Group.  The person so appointed shall serve as President Elect for his final year.


The Secretary shall be responsible for the general administration of the Group as directed by the Committee and without limiting the generality of the foregoing shall:

12.1 Summon all Meetings of the Committee giving such notice as required by these regulations.

12.2 Be responsible for the taking of Minutes of proceedings and recording same in suitable files.

12.3 Have power to deal with normal routine matters on his own initiative, but ensure that the Chairman or other Officer is    advised of any relevant matter.

12.4   Be responsible for the administration of such Championships of  the Group as directed by the Committee.

12.5   Be responsible for the administration of such events of the English Golf Union as directed by the Committee.

12.6   Be entitled to claim all expenses incurred on behalf of the Group at such rates as the Committee may agree.

12.7   Be responsible in the first place to the President of the Group.



The Treasurer shall be responsible for the funds of the Group and without limiting the generality of the foregoing shall:

Ensure that all receipts are banked in the name of the Group

13.1          Ensure that all Bank Accounts are in credit

13.2          Ensure that payment is made of Insurance premiums as directed by the Committee.

13.3          Have power to pay reasonable expenses incurred by the Officers of the Group and to pay honorariums as agreed by the Committee.

13.4          Ensure that all debts are paid promptly.

13.5          Keep proper books of account which shall be independently examined by a Reporting Accountant.


The Reporting Accountant, who normally will be a qualified Accountant, shall be appointed by the Committee. 


The Championship Committee established under Regulation 4.1 shall be responsible for the administration of such Championships and Tournaments of the England Golf South Eastern Group as decided by the Group Committee.

15.1 The Committee shall comprise the President of the Group, the Chairman of the Championship Committee and the Group Secretary.The Chairman of the Championship Committee shall:

 (a)  Be responsible in the first instance to the President of the Group.

(b)   Act as Chief Referee at Championships and Tournaments.

(c)    Liaise with the Group Secretary on the administration of such events including in particular attendance at course previews.

(d)   In consultation with the Group President appoint a person to act in his place when he is to be absent from a particular event.


The Committee may amend the regulations at any Meeting of which at least fourteen days prior notice shall have been given to each Member County Union and its representatives.



 NOTE. Voting Members of England Golf who represent Counties in the SE Group shall by virtue of their election or appointment be ex-officio members of the SE Group Committee. (See Regulation 5).




CI. Jan. 2006. (general revisions)

BT. Jan 2011. (Regulation 10 – second & third sentences added)

BT. Mar 2012 (Chairman amended to President where applicable)

AS February 2014 (Name change to "England Golf")

MM Feb 2022 (Changes to Sections 6&7 to minimise potential conflicts of interest)

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