South Eastern Group


 EnglandGolf – South Eastern Group and its officials are pleased to welcome you to this Championship.

 Please abide by our spectator code:

 1. Ensure your mobile phone is switched off.
 2. Do not walk close to players or caddies. (We don’t want any allegations that they have been offered advice)
 3. As well as not giving advice, do not offer information to players on:

  • Local Rules, which are often different from those of the Club
  • Rules of Golf – leave that to referees.

 4. Keep to the sides of fairways.
 5. Keep away from any ball in play.
 6. Ball spotting and searching.  By all means help, but:

  • Try to avoid trampling down long grass
  • Do not touch a ball if it might be a player’s ball.

 7. Do not carry or handle a player’s clubs or equipment.
     (The player may be penalised if you do)
 8. Keep still and quiet and do not use a camera when a ball is being played.
 9. Whenever players under 18 are competing, you may not take photographs without obtaining a permit from the Control Desk.

10. If in doubt – ask a tournament official.

 Thanks for your co-operation.  Enjoy the day!

 EG – South Eastern Group - Championship Committee




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