South Eastern Group

English Boys' County Championship

Conditions of Play and Qualification  

1.   Players’ Eligibility

a. Each player must:  

i)  be eligible to play in the current year’s Boys’ Championship of the County for which he is selected for this Championship.

ii)  be under the age of 18 at 00:00 hours on 1st January in the year of this Championship.

iii) be a member of an affiliated golf club in the County Union or born in the County and be a member of an affiliated club in another County.

iv) not have played for another County in representative matches, including friendly matches, during the same calendar year as this event.    

b. Players moving from one County to another  

i)   Subject to the above Conditions for this Championship and, therefore, with the exception of this Championship, if there is agreement between the County from which the player is moving and the County to which the player is moving, the player may play for his "new" County with immediate effect.

ii)  Disagreements/disputes.  In case of doubt or in the absence of agreement over eligibility to play for a County in this Championship or in any other County representative match, a County, Counties or Group may seek a decision from the England Golf’s Championship Committee, whose decision shall be final.  In regard to this Championship, the Championship Committee may, of its own volition, 

make a final decision on eligibility.

2. Caddies

Players may use caddies, who must be under the age of 18 at 00:00hrs on 1st January of the year in which the Championship is played. Penalty for breach of Condition: Two strokes for each hole at which any breach occurred. Maximum penalty per round: four strokes.

3.  Qualifying Competition

a. Format. A qualifying competition of 36 holes scratch medal play shall be played in each of the England Golf’s four Groups.

b.  Group Committees. England Golf shall appoint a member of its Tournament Panel to each of the four Group Committees organising the qualifying competitions. All disputes shall be settled by the Group Committee, three to form a quorum, whose decision shall be final.

c. Venues for the qualifying competitions shall be decided by the respective Group Committees.

d. Teams

i)   Each County shall enter a team of six players

ii)  Group Committees shall decide when team lists should be submitted for the qualifying competition.    

iii) A team may not replace a player for any reason once the sixth player has teed off in the first round.

e.  The winning County in each of the four Groups will qualify for the Championship Finals. The five best scores will count in each round. The County returning the lowest aggregate score for both rounds will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the County returning the lowest aggregate score from its sixth player(s) in each round. If there is still a tie, the winner will be the County returning the lowest aggregate score (all six scores for both rounds to count) in accordance with England Golf's General Condition 9b.

f. Suspension of play.  If play is suspended because of adverse weather conditions and it is impracticable to complete 36 holes as scheduled, the winning County shall be decided over 18 holes. If 18 holes have not been completed, play shall be abandoned and another date arranged when play may be over 18 or 36 holes at the discretion of the Group Committee.

4. Safeguarding of Children

Each County shall ensure all appropriate protections/procedures are in place for its team members.

5.  David Neech Trophy

The trophy donated by David Neech, is for the best 36 hole individual score at the Boys’ Qualifying. The Trophy will be played for annually and kept for one year. In the event of a tie a card play-off procedure will be adopted over the second last round, and if still tied over the first round. Should that fail to produce a result, ties shall be decided on the last 9, 6, 3 or 1 holes of the last completed round. If a tie still arises it shall be decided on the last 9, 6, 3 or 1 holes of the first nine holes of the last completed round. If a tie still arises, the preceding round played shall be treated in the same way until a decision is reached.

The winner of the David Neech Trophy will receive an entry qualification exemption for the Carris Trophy.

6.  Note: These Conditions of Competition must be read in conjunction with:

The England Golf - South Eastern Group “General Conditions”

The England Golf Handbook

The England Golf’s “Hard Card” (Standard Local Rules) and Conditions of Competition.


Download a PDF or these Conditions here.

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