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Junior Championship - Refer also to SEG General Conditions 


Conditions of Play and Qualification.

1. Conditions of Play


(a) The Championship shall be played by Stroke Play over 36 holes.

(b) The winner shall be the competitor who returns the lowest gross score over 36 holes.

(c)  In the event of a tie for the Championship, there will be a sudden death play-off under stroke play rules over holes to be nominated by the Committee. Other ties will be decided first over 18 and then 9, 6, 3, 1 holes of the second completed round. Should this not produce a result the same procedure will apply to the first completed round.

(d)   Caddies must be under the age of 18 at 00:00hrs on 1st January in the year which the Championship is to be played.

Penalty for breach of Condition 1 (d):

Two strokes for each hole at which any breach occurred.

Maximum penalty per round: Four strokes.


2.    Qualification

To be eligible to enter, a player must:

(a)   Have, as his home club, a club affiliated to a County Golf Union in the England Golf- South Eastern Group.

(b)   Be in possession of an active competition playing handicap not exceeding 5 (or a handicap limit as decided by the Committee) under the current CONGU Unified Handicapping System.

(c)   Have been under the age of 18 at 00:00 hours on 1st January in the year in which the Championship is to be played.

(d)   Not have played for a County or in any Championship of a Countyoutside the South Eastern Group during the calendar year of the Championship.


3.    Entries

(a)  Entries must be made online via the SEG website. ALL entries must be accompanied by a Consent Form. An entry will only be considered complete when both payment and Consent Form have been received.

(b)  No entry fee will be refunded unless notice of withdrawal is received before the closing date for entries, except to any entrant who may be balloted out and who does not subsequently compete.


4.    Ballot

       Where the entries exceed the required number, there will be a ballot amongst the higher handicaps to reduce the entries to that number. Players eliminated by ballot will be kept on a reserve list, ordered by date of receipt of their completed entry. In the event of balloted players not filling any vacant places, entry fees will be returned.


In the event of withdrawal, or non-arrival, on the day any boy present who has been balloted out may be included but selection will be based on the list of reserves established.


5.         Parent Consent Forms

            The Consent Form must be completed and returned to the South East Group Secretary (before the time and date set for the                closure of entries) for an entry to be validated.


6.         Prizes and Vouchers

    The Trophy shall be held for one year by the Winner. The Winner shall receive the Trophy and a salver.

    The Second and Third placed players shall each receive a Silver and Bronze    Medal respectively. Vouchers will be given for the            leading 4 places, the value of which will be determined by the Championship Committee.

    A prize will be awarded to the player under the age of 16 at 00:00 hours on 1st January in the year the Championship is to be              played returning the lowest gross score in the Championship. For this age group prize any tie will be decided by a card play-off            procedure in accordance with 1c above.

    Prizes will be presented as soon as possible after the end of play, when all winners will be expected to be present.


   The Winner of the SEG Junior Championship will be awarded an entry to the English U18 Boys’ Open Amateur Strokeplay (Carris         Trophy).


   The first three players in the under 16 age group will be awarded an entry to the English U16 Boys’ Open Amateur Strokeplay             (McGregor Trophy).


   The Winner of the under 14 age group will be awarded an entry to the English U14 Boys' Open Amateur Strokeplay (Reid Trophy).


7.        These Conditions of Competition must be read in conjunction with:


  1.     The England Golf - South Eastern Group “General Conditions”
  2. ii.     The England Golf’s “Hard Card” (Standard Local Rules) and Conditions ofCompetitions)


Download a PDF of these Conditions here.

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