South Eastern Group

England Golf South East Group - Under 18 League

Refer also to SEG General Conditions

Open to members of Golf Clubs affiliated to a County Golf Union. No player can represent a County in South Eastern Group League Matches unless their Home Club is in that County. The penalty for fielding an ineligible player in a match is disqualification of the team.

Competitors must be under the age of 18 at 00.00 on 1st January in the year in which the competition is to be played.

Dress Code: Competitors are expected at all times to comply with the dress code in place at the host club. The England Golf “Hard Card” rules relating to dress code will apply.


               The league divisions will be as tabled below

               Each divisional match will be triangular match play with eight mandatory 18 holes singles games.

               The completion of all divisional matches should ideally take place before the end of August.

               Matches will be arranged by each host County on a date and time to be mutually agreed.

               After the completion of the match, the host County will provide suitable refreshments for              all players plus a maximum of two officials from each County.


Regional Structure

North                   Bedfordshire, Suffolk and Norfolk

Central                 BB&O, Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Essex

South                    Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire

Fixture arrangements

North                   3 triangular matches with each county hosting one and playing away in two

Central                 4 triangular matches with each county hosting one and playing away in two

South                   As for Central

Note                     In Central and South Divisions, Counties may wish to vary who hosts whom each                     year, but any variation from the proposed fixtures below must have the                                              agreement of all Counties involved.

Proposed Fixtures

North                   Beds v Suffolk and Norfolk, Norfolk v Suffolk and Beds, Suffolk v Norfolk and Beds


Central                 Herts v BB&O and Essex                               South    Kent v Surrey and Hants

                              BB&O v Middlesex and Herts                                     Surrey v Sussex and Kent

                              Middlesex v Herts and Essex                                      Sussex v Kent and Hants

                              Essex v BB&O and Middlesex                                     Hants v Sussex and Surrey


Scoring Format

There is no requirement to send players out in any particular order.

If a County is unable to field a complete team the games forfeited will commence with the last, followed by the penultimate etc etc.

Each individual game won will score 1 point and halved games will score half a point.

The winning County in the divisional match (with the most game points) will receive 2 points, with 1 point for a drawn match and 0 points for a loss.

The County with the most match points at the end of the series of divisional matches will be the winner of that division and will progress to the South Eastern Group Final for the league triangular play-off.

In the event of a tie by match points scored in a particular division, the County to qualify for the final will be the one with the greatest number of game points in all its league matches (halved games count as half a point). In the event of a further tie, the league match results between the tied Counties will decide the divisional winner. If still tied, the scores of individual matches will count, starting with the first match and continuing by descending order until the tie is resolved.

In the event of a league match walkover, the allocation of game and match points will be decided by the Championship Committee after consideration of all facts.

In the event that a match is abandoned, Clause 7 of the South Eastern Group General Conditions will apply as follows:

Inclement weather : If in any Championship, it becomes impossible to complete the Championship in accordance with that Championship's Conditions because of adverse weather conditions or other circumstances, the Championship Committee may vary such conditions to the extent necessary to achieve a result within the time available.


Results should be forwarded to the SE Group Secretary as soon as matches are played.

The Final

The final will be organised by the SE Group on the date specified in the SEG fixture list. The venue will be dictated by a rota of the participating Counties.

The final will consist of eight games of 18 hole singles played in triangular format as in the regular divisional matches. Scoring for individual games and for the overall match scores will be identical to the regular league matches.

As per General Conditions Clause 9, all Counties are expected to comply with the dress rule at the host club. The England Golf "Hard Card" rules relating to dress code will apply.

Any County wishing to withdraw from the league must give notice of intent by not later than 1st November of the year before the withdrawal.

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